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KitiKiti Scalp & Skin Treatment System

Takes care of excessive dandruff problems immediately with the first application. Your dandruff will not recur for 7-14 days after treatment. One shampoo with KitiKitiand no blow-drying, will save you time and money.

After applying relaxer and neutralizing shampoo
Use KitiKiti Conditioner #2, leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse. Apply KitiKiti Ointment to scalp lightly and proceed as usual.

Braid styles
Apply KitiKiti Ointment to scalp by parting hair into small sections and massage. Apply additional ointment as needed.

For itchy scalp, freeze styles, French rolls, wrap-styles, etc.
While hair is wet, part hair into small sections and apply KitiKiti Ointment and proceed with styling.

For foot funguses
Soak in KitiKiti Shampoo for 5 minutes, once a week. Then apply KitiKiti Ointments (Oily or Non-Oily) once in the morning and once at bedtime until fungus is no longer visible.

Suffering from fungus problems on the body
Apply KitiKiti Ointment (Oily or Non-Oily) once in the morning and once at bedtime to help control dry, itchy, and cracking skin